Make an Online Payment

Liberty Doctors utilizes Fluidpay, a safe, secure tool for paying your patient statement online with a credit card.

Fluidpay accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express credit cards. To make your payment online, you’ll need to have the patient’s name, patient’s date of birth, and Patient ID, as well as your credit card number and billing information. You will also enter your email address and a phone number in case we have questions regarding your payment.

Important: At the top of the payment form, you will need to input the Patient’s name, patient’s date of birth, and Patient ID or Account Number. The patient’s name and Patient ID are listed on the statement. The latest statements list an Account Number instead of a Patient ID. The patient’s name may or may not be the same as the payer’s name, which is required later during the checkout process.

If you require assistance, wish to create a payment plan, or wish to pay by eCheck, please call our main office at 843-225-8329.

Fluidpay Privacy Policy