Liberty Doctors Telehealth FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Support

Who is Telehealth for?

Liberty Doctors Telehealth is for patients who have already established care at one of our Liberty Doctors offices as well as new patients. Liberty Doctors telehealth is inappropriate for life-threatening conditions. 

What conditions should I use Telehealth for?

Primary Care Virtual Office Visit Condition List:

Follow-Up Visits

Acute Care Visits:

Adbominal Pain
Ear Pain
Influenza (Flu)
Joint/Limb Problems
Nausea/Vimiting and/or Diarrhea
Sore Throat
Upper Respiratory Infection

Medication Refills for Chronic Care Conditions


Tiffany Pediatrics Virtual Office Visit Condition List:

Bug Bites
ADHD Follow up
Anxiety Follow up
Depression Follow up

Charles Towne Pediatrics Virtual Office Visit Condition List:

Head Lice
Yeast Infection
Sick Visit
ADHD Follow Up
ADHD Counseling

How about COVID-19 (coronavirus?)

We currently don’t do coronavirus testing at our offices. If you are concerned about your symptoms, please call one of our offices, and we will arrange for COVID-19 testing if necessary.

How much do the virtual visits cost?

The self-pay price of a virtual visit is $55. We are set up to file claims with most insurance companies for virtual visits. If you are not a new patient we will collect you insurance information during the registration process. Many insurance companies have agreed to waive co-pays for virtual visits at this time

How do I get started?

If you are a current paitient, or know which Liberty Doctors office you want to use, call that office. You can either schedule a new virtual visit, or convert a pre-existing appointment into a virtual visit. If you’re a new patient, CLICK HERE to get started. 

How do the virtual visits work?

Our virtual visits are powered by Updox. THIS PAGE has an introduction to Updox Video Chat. You can also download an instruction document we have created, by clicking here.

What do I do after I schedule a virtual visit?

You must fill out the consent form associated with your Liberty Doctors Office. New patients must compelete the new patient form, which includes the consent form. Find the office you scheduled your virtual visit with on THIS PAGE . Click on the consent form link for that office and complete the form. You must complete this form before your first virtual visit only.

You should also click on the following link to test your device:  Test Your Device

If you require instructions you can access an instruction sheet we have created, by clicking here. 

What should I do if my virtual visit is not working properly?

Please call your Liberty Doctors office for help. You may be able to complete your visit over the phone.

Our virtual visits are powere by Updox. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you may contact Updox Chat Support at, available 8 AM – 8 PM EST every day, including weekends. Please click the speech-bubble icon in the lower right corner.